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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own yacht in the Caribbean? The TMM Yacht Ownership program is a refreshingly simple yet comprehensive yacht management program for those who appreciate service and unlimited use of their yachts. After getting to know you and listening to your goals and preferences, we can recommend and offer boats from the top makers worldwide. We will then guide you through financing decisions and equipment options, help you customize all the specs to your budget, and arrange delivery from the factory to our marina. Once in our charter fleet, TMM will maintain your boat to the highest standards while you sit back, relax, and plan your owner time. We will take care of haul out, hurricane prep, all manner of maintenance, parts procurement, deck scrubbing, sail repairing, brass polishing, and everything in between. When you come to enjoy your boat you will find it immaculate and in excellent working order, as if it were our own.

The TMM Yacht Ownership program is simple and financially straightforward. We keep your yacht busy chartering when you aren’t using it. Charter revenues are split 75% to the owner and 25% to TMM. Each yacht is billed monthly for dockage, charter turnarounds, maintenance and repairs. Yachts are billed periodically for costs, such as insurance, replacement of linens, and other general expenses. The yacht owner receives a statement each month detailing the revenue generated and operating expenses incurred. Revenues in excess of costs are paid to owners each month. Please read a few of our owner testimonials here:

If you would like to find out more about TMM Yacht Ownership, please contact Don Pietrykowski, Yacht Sales Manager.

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